Redtower Asset Management has a philosophy of research driven investment- 'Think Fundamental, Trade Technical'.  The skills of our research team are used to provide leading edge fundamental, technical and quantitative research on all the markets that RAM has an interest in for our institutional clients.

All of our research reports have a clear market view taking fundamental and technical factors into consideration. The relevant risks and opportunities are outlined as well and we aim to distill the view and strategy into a concise report as we know that our clients are as busy and weighed down by traditional bank/broker research as we are.

Our research has been designed by our clients and works 'top down' from a medium term global macro overview (monthly and ad hoc) to 'bottom up' ideas (daily to intraday). This sets the 'big investment picture' and can drill down to sector views, individual stock selections, pairs trading ideas, sovereign bond yield curve and spread outlooks as well as FX trading/risk management views.

Our clients use our research in order to provide them with an independent 'outside counsel' which is incorporated into their investment process, reassuring both clients and regulators that the firm is not relying on broker research or becoming too inward looking in their risk management/investment selection. We also provide an independent Chief Investment Officer function for our institutional clients who find our input useful through monthly or quarterly updates and meetings.

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