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What is RAM?

Redtower Asset Management (RAM), an asset management company which aims to generate excess returns for shareholders by building a successful stable of funds through a research-driven investment process. RAM advises hedge funds, fund of funds, traditional fund managers, brokers, central banks, banks and corporations through daily, weekly, monthly and ad hoc reports that cover fundamental, technical and quantitative aspects of all financial markets. RAM provides their customers with forecasts and outlooks ranging from intraday analysis to multi-year views covering tactical and strategic investment objectives.

History of RAM

Redtower Asset Management was launched in 2007 in order to utilize the research skills of Redtower Limited to manage alternative investments.  Redtower Limited had been trading since August 1997, when it was in the business of providing financial information and statistics to professionals in the foreign exchange market.  Redtower expanded its services from there to provide analysis on the equity, fixed income, money market, commodity and emerging markets and to provide ‘white label’ research solutions to financial institutions. This included trade recommendations on the foreign exchange market, which outperformed the market by some margin.

RAM Investment Process

Redtower Asset Management uses background fundamentals (global macro down to company fundamentals), technical analysis and quantitative screening and risk analysis in our investment process. This creates a 'top down' and 'bottom up' approach which is critical for our investement research process. We work closely with our clients and are actively engaged with them in order to explain our investment ideas and what is behind them. This can take the form of ad hoc meetings, or participating in their investment committee meetings.


Gerry Celaya is Chairman and principle of Redtower Asset Management. Gerry was previously employed at American Express Bank in London as a Senior Currency Strategist and Technical Analyst where he advised corporate, central banks, client banks, hedge funds, family offices and high net worth individuals around the world. Gerry was also part of the team that managed some of AEB's proprietary FX spot and options positions.

Gerry also worked at Bank of America in London where he headed the technical research team advising major corporate clients and central banks in the EMEA region and ran proprietary FX spot and options and financial futures trading positions for his trading desk.

He started his professional career at MMS International (later to be acquired by Standard & Poors/McGraw-Hill) in San Francisco as a research analyst, and went on to head up their European Technical Research team in London. Gerry holds a BA degree in Economics from UC San Diego and an MA degree in Economics (Applied Econometrics) from CSU San Francisco.

He has been a member of the TSAA (SF), STA (UK, formerly a Director) and is a member of the SBE (UK).

Gerry has spoken on technical analysis and markets at seminars in
London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Munich, Athens, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Singapore, Bangkok, Surabaya, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Manila, Mexico City, New Orleans, San Francisco, Rome, Milan, Antwerp, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Dhaka, Vienna, Miami, New York, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dakar.

Whilst at AEB Gerry managed to get their currency forecasts in the top ten ranking of various market surveys on a regular basis, and at Redtower Gerry was no.1 in USD/JPY in 2006 in the Bloomberg survey and was highly ranked on the quarterly forecasts on numerous occasions.

Gerry has served on the investment committee of a leading private bank and a UK wealth manager and was one of recipients of an annual corporate prize for a leading European bond market research product.











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